Create A Business Services Company

Within the vast service sector, the business services branch alone accounts for a large share of the sector’s overall turnover.

The health of industries depends on these service companies. No need to say more, we quickly understand that the sector is promising. But to be successful, you have to take the time to think about the project and not skip the steps.

To help you in this process, we explain, in the guides that follow, how to create a business services company without burning your fingers.

Maintenance and production services


Security companies are enjoying real success, as companies demand more and more of this kind of service. 


Now is a relatively good time to start your own cleaning business as companies of all sizes are increasingly outsourcing this type of task.

Despite this observation, the business plan step remains essential.


Open a printing house, yes, but not just any old way! The market has experienced a long journey through the desert… If it is reborn today, it is thanks to new specializations and new trends. Thus, opening your own printing house supposes that certain steps are respected, this is what we propose to explain to you in our article on the subject: The steps to be taken to open a printing house .

Business reception

It is often assumed that coworking spaces are reserved for the self-employed, yet they are increasingly popular with start-ups, and other small businesses.

Consulting and assistance services

Consulting firms

Another profession that you can consider if you want to start a business services company: consulting.

By definition, this brings together a large number of different activities. Thus, it is essential to define which will be yours and to deploy your project according to it. 

How not to be tempted, in our ultra-connected era, by the idea of ​​founding a computer engineering services company (SSII)? The IT consulting market is flourishing, but in order to gain a foothold in it, it is necessary to overcome certain obstacles … And to do this, the writing of a business plan is essential: how to write the business plan of an IT services company .


After a period of recession, janitorial services and other personal assistance services are on the rise again. But the sector is competitive, dominated by giants with control of the market.

Communication agencies

Communication agencies are certainly on the rise, but the sector is undergoing profound changes. Thus, to position yourself in this competitive and changing market, it is necessary to arm yourself with a high-quality business plan.

Author: Troy Moreno