Guides To Undertake In Personal Service

The personal service sector is obviously a booming sector. The evolution of society helping, there is a real social need for structures and workers in this environment.

But personal service refers to a wide variety of trades and types of businesses, so it is important to establish a precise and well-thought-out project before getting started.

To help you in this process, we have gathered here several professional guides teeming with valuable information for you, future entrepreneurs.

Personal service business plan

We first wrote an article explaining the process to follow to develop a general business plan applicable to any type of business in the personal service sector. What better way to “get in the bath” before consulting our specialist articles?

Real estate sales sector

The real estate market is highly complex and changing. Getting involved is tricky, so here too it is essential to think about your project before setting up a real estate agency.

Travel and tourism sector

The tourism market is a rapidly changing market and despite the shattering impact of digital technologies on this sector, there is still room for success. But to do this, building a quality business plan is absolutely essential.

Wishing to support you throughout your project, we also offer a business plan model specially designed and adapted to the opening of a travel agency: travel agency business plan model .

Car rental is an increasingly popular service, but with the uberization of the market, competition is fierce (rental between individuals, carpooling, etc.).

Sales of services sector

Wedding planning

Becoming a wedding planner is actually relatively easy, but you don’t have to skip the steps. Our article in list 4: take the time to respect them and you will have already taken a big step towards success and towards the creation of your wedding planning agency: make a wedding planner business plan .

Marriage agency

It is a fact: the number of singles is constantly increasing … So you say to yourself, and this is justified, that there is a vein to be exploited. However, in the Internet age, competition (direct and indirect) is fierce.

Driving school

Opening a driving school is the possibility of offering a wide variety of services, so the market is relatively favorable. That said before the opening, a lot of data must be taken into account (local, business plan, marketing strategy, etc.).

Private concierge

Concierge services, whether aimed at individuals or businesses, are benefiting from a favorable wind. But the sector is nonetheless undergoing major changes: customers are more and more demanding and informed.

You must therefore be very careful before opening your concierge: survey the market, carry out a business plan, in short, understand what your potential customers want.

Author: Troy Moreno